About Acceleration and Datacenter Florida

522a01607cd65738cc4b72de1ff98bca_f390Acceleration, owner of Datacenter Florida, is an IT solutions company headquartered in Gainesville, Florida since 1997. The company began as a programming resource with a mission to provide consistent and reliable hosting of its applications. As the company grew it needed to ensure that the full data path for its clients was protected. The result of that growth is a privately operated network composed of a number of geographically diverse data centers connected through a high-speed Ethernet mesh. The existing infrastructure including local data center floor space, a redundant WAN path and currently twelve carrier interconnections combined with Acceleration’s history of focusing on the application as the critical resource makes it an ideal partner for a full range of connectivity and hosting services.

pano9Datacenter Florida is Acceleration’s home office Point of Presence. It offers partial or full cabinet space in an “all APC brand” hardware solution. Local connectivity solutions in the North Florida region vary from 2Mb Ethernet through 10Gb Ethernet and dark fiber. Nationwide public or private IP solutions to the data center, or through any of Acceleration’s PoPs range from ADSL through 1Gb Ethernet.

Acceleration’s Connectivity solutions bridge the gap between various carrier’s footprint limitations, offering a homogenous WAN solution without requiring the complexity of a mixed VPN deployment.