Florida colocation: How to choose the best Florida colocation facility

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When analyzing the various options available when looking for the best Florida colocation, of course primary is location, as in a proximity to the main office for the particular corporation. However, there are many options that will make themselves available to you for a Florida colocation, whereas one of the main considerations could also be how that data center is connected and how that might impact your connectivity back to the offices that need to access the colocation facilities.

How to choose the best Florida colocation facility

If your business needs colocation in Florida, you are making that decision primarily for the regional aspect of having your servers in proximity to your main office. However, a very important consideration is also how that colocation facility is either Internet connected, and therefore well-peered with the various locations that must consume those resources, or, more specifically, how you are going to connect your office, your remote branches and your main office, back to that colocation facility.

One key advantage: Florida colocation from a central location

Datacenter Florida is located in North-Central Florida, and is conveniently located between a number of major metropolitan areas such as Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa, but also is near some other areas similar in size to Gainesville such as Lake City, Ocala, Chiefland and Palatka, Florida. And the epicenter of that is a colocation facility that not only meets a number of Tier Certifications and quality standards for colocation that are pretty standard, but the key advantage of Datacenter Florida is Acceleration’s connectivity into that data center — that being a mix of diverse peering products from the local utility, from Cox Communications, Gainesville Regional Utilities, and AT&T, the three companies that have available fiber in this region.

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On top of that, what Acceleration can offer is a mix of Metro Ethernet and other DSL-based connectivity options, to bring the data center into the epicenter of a corporate, wide area network. That is, if you’re going to colocate servers, in particular if you’re needing Florida colocation, a good option is Datacenter Florida’s facility in Gainesville, whereas you place those servers in the “center of mass” of a wide area network for your corporation, where your main office and any remote or branch offices equally have access back to the Datacenter Florida facilities.