Florida colocation: benefits and considerations for a low latency network


How is colocation a better way to access my data?

The benefit of having direct connectivity for the main office in particular is what people would most generically consider latency, or the speed of the network.

Which is more important for colocation, bandwidth or speed?

Often you might consider bandwidth as the most important factor, however bandwidth is a very overused and misused term, implying simply the number of megabits of traffic that you have available. However if you have mismatched your home office connectivity, let’s say though a cable provider, back to a Datacenter Florida type of facility for Florida colocation, you will find that even though you have many megabits per second of available bandwidth, you might find that it doesn’t meet your performance requirements, in particular for low latency.

How do you get the lowest latency for your colocation network?

Wallpapersxl Information Technology Optical Fiber X World Collection 578961 2560x1600The idea being that if you have a home office or critical set of offices, you would prefer to order connectivity services through the same provider that hosts the Datacenter Florida Gainesville data center as your Florida colocation, such that any data paths are effectively the shortest, most immediate path possible. Most people would measure that in milliseconds, milliseconds of latency. You might see something on the order of 50 milliseconds latency for a common DSL connection. You might see 60 to 80 milliseconds added for the length of time it takes to go across the United States.

Does latency affect large scale, nationwide audio and video networks?

For real time services every jump of 10 milliseconds adds complexity to a number of applications, in particular audio and video applications.

How can I connect my home and remote offices with a low latency network?

By ordering the services through Acceleration back to Datacenter Florida for your Florida colocation, you have maximized your performance. You’ve essentially drawn the straightest line between your remote offices and your main office back to your data center services. It is as strong a solution as if your home office had an entire data center built into it, and you built dedicated services from your remote offices back to your home office. That’s what colocation with the Gainesville Data Center can offer you, is that you can leverage Florida Datacenter’s nationwide broadband services, including Metro Ethernet services, to centralize your data services in the Gainesville Data Center and get the same performance as if you had dedicated circuits back to your home office.

Is using Florida colocation for my business going to add to my costs?

By leveraging Florida Datacenter’s nationwide WAN services, including broadband and Metro Ethernet services, you can centralize your data services creating the effect of private circuits back to your home office with less expense and greater performance.